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Doggy Daycare - Boarding - Pet-sitting

We've Got Your Tail Covered!


Our Mission and Passion is to take care of your dogs as if they were our own!

Serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Please call us for more info

1-(813) 340-2670

Doggy Daycare - Boarding - Pet sitting

Experience does matter!

Doggy Day Care - Boarding

Deciding to leave your pet with anyone is a big decision.

Will they be treated alright? Will they just be crated? Will they be loved or ignored? Take all that worry away when you allow us to take care of your furbaby.  He or she will be welcomed as if part of the family.  There will be other dogs to play with, big yard to run in and lots and lots of toys.  Your furbaby can sleep on any of the doggy beds provided or with everyone on the main bed (Paco is enjoying his stay and always takes over the pillow!)

We Specialize in:

Small dogs up to 25 pounds.  We love puppies all the way up to seniors and have experience with all ages and conditions. Tell us what your furbaby needs and it will be provided along with pictures and text messages on how they are doing.  

Day Care $20

Boarding  $25

Multiple dog discount 

Pet Sitting - upon request and how many visits required per day.

What our clients say about us...

Janet is a true dog lover with a huge heart and she will care for your dog as if she/he were her own. At Janet's house, your dog instantly becomes part of the family and will receive lots of attention and snuggle time on the couch, as well as playtime indoors and out. Her home is very clean, yet completely dog-friendly. Janet has fostered dogs for years, so she understands dog behavior and needs and is great at helping dogs acclimate. I completely trust Janet with my two fur babies. My only warning: After a stay at Janet's house, your dog may come home SPOILED!

Jennifer G., 6/17

Janet has been an amazing pet sitter for us over the last 2.5 years. We have a Chinese Crested who does not like change and he is always at home at Janet's. She sends us pictures and updates while we are away and she has saved us a few times when a last minute trip came up. She puts our dogs safety and security as a top priority and took the time to understand his needs. I highly recommend Janet!  Tonya L 5/17


We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!


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